We Have Now Launched Our Online Indian Grocery Store

Shop Indian Groceries now

Yet more to come!! We are glad to announce we are yet to launch our "Online Retail Store" soon in Switzerland. Stay connected!!

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Promotional Vouchers


Promotional Vouchers cannot be used to purchase Gift Certificates. Please note that promotional vouchers may be tied to a minimum order value. The value of the goods must at least equal the amount of the action voucher. A difference to a higher value of goods can be compensated with the offered payment options. The value of an action coupon is neither paid in cash nor interest. The action coupon will not be refunded if goods are returned in whole or in part. If you have used an action voucher with your purchase, we reserve the right to charge you the original price of the goods you keep, if - due to your revocation - the total value of the order falls below the respective value of the action voucher.