Minimum Order For Free Shipping 


We trust we offer an outstanding service, affordable price for the best of our selection of items
we sell. As such, we have a minimum order policy:

The minimum order value for every order should be CHF 50 to avail free shipping.

We believe that our customers will understand & support our minimum order policy and continue
to purchase at our online store.


Important Notice

At this time of the virus outbreak, we can not guarantee the brand preferred on few items but we make some adjustments to deliver you the product in an other brand. You can return the product if you are unhappy with the brand.
You may leave a message of the brand preference at the comment box while you place your order. 
We manage to deliver the maximum items in your orders but a couple of items could be missing, which we may call you for replacements or we promise to deliver the missing items through the week or refund or send a voucher code.
(Expecting the situation to improve, this notice will be outdated)